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There’s a real Ken and a real Jess. They met this way. They are now married with three kids. (You can read the story below.)
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“Holy S&!# it’s your wife!”
A true love story

The name “Jess, Meet Ken” comes from the sites’ founders, Jess and Ken Deckinger. Once upon a time in New York City, Ken’s best friend, Adele, created a witty and honest profile on a site very much like this one.

Jessica, a pretty, funny, smart girl lookin’ for love, had just created a profile for her co-worker, Jared. Jessica spotted Ken’s profile and reached out to Adele to find out his deal.

Adele knew Jess was perfect for Ken the moment she got her very first email. In fact, she immediately forwarded it to Ken with the subject, “Holy $#!& it’s your wife!” True story. (Click here to read the whole, real email chain!)

Needless to say, Adele was right. They got married four years later and now have a happy family including three beautiful little girls.

The site where Jess and Ken met no longer exists. For years they’ve been telling their story to friends, only to hear the same response over and over again: “I wish there was still a site like that!”

Jess and Ken have taken it upon themselves (and some of the latest technology) to make sure that it does...

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